Benchmarking of support structures

Benchmarking of support structures

Analysis No. 3. Benchmarking of EU regional support structures assisting SMEs in natural areas


Three project partners prepared separate Benchmarking studies. The structure of each study is common for everyone:
Chapter I. Description of existing supporting structures in the area of PP’s influence.
Chapter II.  SMEs in natural areas – report from the survey (the same questionnaire in each country)
Survey was conducted among SMEs in: Bulgaria, Inner Karst in Slovenia and Warmia & Mazury in Poland. The reports provide details on SMEs’ expectations, possible ways of improvement, suggested solutions and identified gaps within different countries on entrepreneurship development in natural areas. The number of interviewed SMEs by project partners varies from 10 to 50.
Chapter III.  Comparison with supporting structures in … (one of countries in EU selected by PP according to their needs)


(PP02) The Warmia-Mazury Regional Development Agency (Poland) study (in English) study (in Polish) ppt

(PP10) Veliko Tarnovo Municipality (Bulgaria) study (in English)

(PP11) Local Development Center Pivka (Slovenia) study (in English) ppt

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