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Parc Animalier D'Introd

Practice on:

Making alpine animals accessible to everybody.

Practical details:
NUTS 2: ITC2 Valle d'Aosta/Vallée d'Aoste
Start date: 2005
Type of initiative:  private
Description of the practice:

Making alpine animals accessible to everybody; comparing ecosystems.

The Parc Animalier is dedicated to those who are interested in experiencing the mountain habitat and its ecosystems. Families are the main visitors of the park, which has the aim of respecting and preserving the typical animals living in the Alps area like ibex, chamois, marmot, birds of prey, deers, wild boars and  hares. The Park also has rich multicoloured meadows and mountain flora. The structure also offers guests a picnic area, a recreation ground and a souvenir shop.

The company owning the Park Animalier also started, in 1974, a handcraft workshop named Les Amis du Bois (the friends of wood). They promote their two businesses together, so that visitors of the park simply have to cross the road and visit the atelier. Les Amis du Bois is a small company producing wooden objects and carvings typical of local tradition. The workshop, housed in a classical Aosta Valley building made up of stone and wood, is set 16 km far from Aosta, in the hamlet of Villes Dessus in the village of Introd. What makes this business unique is the fact that they carry out an ancient tradition, trying not to change it by using the same kinds of wood. They use the wooden waste materials to heat the shop and the workshop. They are aware of the importance of the Internet in order to reach and attract customers and they have a very updated website.

Evidence of success
Biological/biodiversity values:

Ungulates (ibex, chamois, deer, wild board), birds of prey (owl, snowy owl, barn owl, grouse), marmot, hare, brown trout, alpine frog, crayfish, Leontopodium alpinum (edelweiss).

Visual impact and recreational value:

Guided tours for groups.

Economic viability:

Turnover: 250,000 euros per year.

The idea of an alpine animal park is transferable to other European regions.

Contact details:
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Completed on: 30.08.2011
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