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Promotion and dissemination of traditional music heritage.

Practical details:
NUTS 2: ITC2 Valle d'Aosta/Vallée d'Aoste
Start date: 1980s
Type of initiative:  private
Description of the practice:

Carrying on and promote traditional alpine musical heritage.

Built heritage.

The Trouveurs Valdotains group was founded in Aymavilles at the beginning of 1980's. It is engaged in seeking songs and traditional dance in the territory of the Aosta Valley and in the bordering regions belonging to the same Alpine culture.

The instruments used also belong to the field of the tradition: accordion, violin, flute, clarinet, pipes, etc. The repertory offered includes songs in patois and in French and dance airs: monferrina, scottish, giga, polka...

The group Trouveurs Valdotains is composed by the  members of the Boniface family of Aymavilles: Liliana Bertolo, Alessandro Boniface, Rémy Boniface, Vincent Boniface, joined, according to the occasion, by different musicians of the Alpine area.

The group and all its activities are managed by the cooperative company of the same name that for 12 years has organized, with the economic support of the Tourism Council of the Aosta Valley Autonomous Region and of the interested communities, ETETRAD, a festival of music from around the world.
The cooperative is also responsible for musical releases and activities on different matters linked to the territory; for example, songs about wine. It offers concerts, promotions, classes, various publications and organization of musical events.

Since 2000, the cooperative has brought together more than 50 musicians of the Alpine arch, from Nizza to Istria, in an ensemble that is known by the name of "Great Orchestra of the Alps." This orchestra has already performed in various European countries, often in conjunction with other famous events such as the Filmfestival of Trento, the Cheese Olympics in Verona, the Festival of the Alte Terre d'Auvergne and Alpi 360° of Turin.

The group has participated in more than a thousand concerts in the entire Aosta Valley, in Savoy, in Switzerland, in Piedmont, in Lombardy and in Liguria; it has often collaborated with the regional Administration to promote various cultural gatherings, as well as with the RAI regional site for a series of broadcasts of traditional music. The group participated in Nuremberg in the "Euromusic" show and in collaboration with musicians of the Savoy and of the Piedmont have participated in the "Musik'Alpes" festival of Faverges (Haut-Savoy) and in the creation of the cross-border "Musicalpina" show.
For fifteen years, they have also organized the final event of the fair of Sant'Orso.
The group managed an exhibition dedicated to the accordion in the Alps and, to encourage the dissemination of this instrument, collaborated in the creation of a video named "Io, la fisarmonica (I, the accordion)," produced by the RAI regional branch and made by Carlo Rossi.
For many years the members of the Trouveurs Valdotains have offered lessons in the schools of the region and organized familiarization courses for the various instruments of the tradition, along with singing and dance.
Since 2007, they have collaborated in the organization of "Centrad"  for training in traditional music connected with the SFOM of the Istituto Musicale (Music Institute) of Aosta. The center performs its training activities at the Institute itself (courses in accordion and pipes) and in Valgrisenche during courses in the territory that allow the comparison of different musical realities and the creation of a Ethnoensemble.
The group has conducted research on Alpine Christmas songs and melodies in the Alps and has offered this repertory in many churches of the Valle: more than 50 communities have hosted this concert.
The Trouvers Valdotains group has also held many presentations on the musical instruments of the western Alps and on those of the Valdostan liturgical tradition.
A collection of approximately one hundred instruments, photos, and songbooks can be exhibited at the request of different entities. During the guided tour, a musician leads the visitor in the discovery of the characteristics and of the sound of every instrument. The small museum was set up in various communities of the region, in Liguria, in Savoy and in Piedmont. The recipients are particularly the classes of the schools of the various grades, but also the tourists and the residents.

Evidence of success
Visual impact and recreational value:

Concerts, festivals, music courses for children and adults.

Cultural heritage:

Traditional alps music, instruments and songs.

Economic viability:

Turnover: 150,000 euros per year.

The activities carried out by the group are transferable in other European regions.

Contact details:
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Completed on: 30.08.2011
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