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Practice on:

Environmental education.

Practical details:
NUTS 2: ITC2 Valle d'Aosta/Vallée d'Aoste
Start date: 1986
Type of initiative:  private
Description of the practice:

Environmental education.

Natural environment.

HABITAT is a cooperative society operating on the sector of nature based tourism and of environmental education. Since 1986 the cooperative Habitat has been working in the field of didactics, popularization and promotion of environmental themes in conjunction with various experts of natural sciences such as geology, geomorphology, geography, botany, zoology and anthropisation of the mountain environment such as architecture and farming, forestry, rural resources. In order to better explore the peculiarities of this peaceful and protected territory, the cooperative offers you the expertise of its nature guides, alpine guides, ski instructors, promoters and equestrian guides.

If we consider the tourism services that can be proposed in natural areas, the Habitat cooperative experience in of undoubted interest. Thanks to the wise mediation of the guides, people can experience the territory appreciating its deepest characteristics. They can participate to environmental education activities that are specific for different visitor targets. Furthermore, Habitat is a cooperative, a society form that is an alternative way of aggregating partners sharing a common project.

Evidence of success
Biological/biodiversity values:

Park protected fauna and flora species.

Visual impact and recreational value:

Didactic workshops and guided tours in the park.

Environmental impact:

Environmental education.

Economic viability:

150,000 euros per year.

The activities carried out by thecooperative are transferable in other European regions.

Contact details:
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Completed on: 30.08.2011
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