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Park of Military History Pivka

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tourist offer

Practical details:
Start date: 15.09.2006
Type of initiative:  public
Description of the practice:

business development in the area, increase in tourist visits
Throughout the centuries many empires, kingdoms and countries have tried to subordinate and fortify the broader area of the Postojna Gate (also known as the Gate of Italy) as this has always represented one of the most important strategic points in Europe. The rich military history of the area is now exhibited in Pivka and includes a vast national tank artillery collection containing examples of American, Soviet and Yugoslav tanks, and cannons left behind by various armies on the territory of what is today the Republic of Slovenia. The Park of Military History Pivka is a unique museum and tourist centre in Central Europe offering its visitors and outstanding experience and an insight into the diverse history of this part of the world.
Evidence of success
Biological/biodiversity values:

The surroundings around Pivka are of a great environmental importance since the terrain is marked by the characteristic Karstic features, especially the intermittent lakes and rivers, fields and wetlands in the Pivka Basin. The Basin furthermore represents a unique habitat for many animal and plant species, which can be observed when taking a strol or a bicycle trip around the lakes. The Park of Military History is, from the touristic point of view, included in the so-called Green Karst project, which emphasises the co-operation between tourism, argiculture and ecology.

Visual impact and recreational value:

Multimedia presentations of museum exibitions.

Cultural heritage:

The Museum in itself focuses on the military history heritage of the region; however, additional events and fesitvals emphasise the local traditions and enhance the close connection between people, nature and culture of the area, e. g. the Military History Festival, which takes place on the 3rd weekend in September each year. Visits to the Alpine Wall Fort and in the broader range of surroundings offer a special insight into the past and present ways of living in the Pivka Basin.

Economic viability:

The Park is a common project of the Municipality of Pivka and the Slovenian Armed Forces, which are, besides some sponsors, at the same time the main beneficiaries and financial resources of the Park. First of all, the Park has opened a vast field of employment possibilities, especially in tourism, be it with previously existing offers or the newly opened ones. Also, the Komanda Premise (where the management, military shop and information centre are situated) holds a multimedia hall, where presentations, conferences and meetings are organised. In 2011 they have 26.000 of visitors. The entrance fee for adults is 7,5 EUR/person. 

Practice is transferable. All countries have such museums. The main resons to choose Park of military history for good practise is that is museum very conected with other touristic points in region.

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Name: Park of Military History Pivka
Organisation: Municipality Pivka
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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