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Practice on:

Fishing tourism.

Practical details:
NUTS 1: SE1Östra Sverige
NUTS 2: SE12 Östra Mellansverige
Start date: 01.01.2000
Type of initiative:  private
Description of the practice:

Ryda Jakt & Fiske (Ryda Hunting & Fishing) is a good example of an economically viable tourist enterprise offering accomodation in old traditional houses with a low environmental impact in a beautiful landscape together with activities like high quality fishing in a sustainable way.

The Rural Development Programme for Östergötland promotes economically, ecologically and socially sustainable development in rural areas. One contribution is to support local businesses by coaching and grants for new businesses and businesses with less then 10 employees. Another relevant policy is the Regional Development Plan for the region of Östergötland including the action programme for Culture and the action programme for Enterprises.

Ryda farm is located in Kinda municipality in the south of Östergötland County. It is situated by the big lake Åsunden with a fabulos view over the lake. The surrounding countryside is famous for its magnificent nature with high mountains and deep valleys. Large forests, lakes and meadows around the farm offer great nature adventures. At Ryda farm there are several Nature Reserves, one adjacent to the farm buldings. Having a grand nature and the water systems of both Stångån river and Kinda canal close at hands offer fantastic possibilities for varios activities. Åsunden is a clear water lake with an area of nearly 6 000 hectares and a depth of 63 metres. The water is clean and of drinking water quality. The farm offer exciting fishing of several fish species, e.g pike and pike-perch, in Åsunden. It is possible to rent boats or canoes and do the fishing by yourself or you can go fishing with a local fishing guide that knows the lake well. Ryda is an old-fashioned farm where the houses are built in a row. The farm offer accommodation in five old houses built in a traditional countryside style. The business is a family company and have 4 employees. They received a grant for investments by the Rural development programme when the business was set-up but is now running on full commercial basis with no public support.

Evidence of success
Biological/biodiversity values:

Lake Åsunden is a clean clear water lake with high water quality and rich populaions of the natural species of fish, e.g pike, perch, pike-perch, eel, tench, burbot, vendace, bream, rudd. There is also a population of salmon trout. There are several high conservation value forests which are protected as nature reserves. They are old-growth forests with large amounts of old trees and coarse woody debris.

Visual impact and recreational value:

Magnificent nature, with mountains and deep valleys, forests and meadows. Lake Åsunden is a beautiful lake with many islands making it like an archipelago

Cultural heritage:

Ryda is an old- fashioned hamlet where the houses where built in a row.

Environmental impact:

Ryda Jakt & Fiske is run with low impact on the environment and is a member of the Swedish Eco-tourism society and certified with their brand Naturens Bästa/Natures Best. They care about the environment and therefore only using environmental friendly petrol for the boats and are sorting out household waste. The major part of the money from the sales of fishing permits is used to save and restore the number of salmon trout in the lake. Ryda follows the recommendations from "Det Naturliga Fisket" (The Natural Fishing association). All fish that will not be eaten the same day will be put back in the lake.

Economic viability:

High. The small enterprise has four employees with a turnover of 140 000 Euro and with 2000 visitors per year

Yes, the practise is transferable to other valuable natural areas in Europe, where sustainable hunting and fishing is possible, if the right entrepreneur is at hand

Contact details:
Name: Lars Wiström
Organisation: Ryda Jakt & Fiske
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Completed on: 02.08.2011
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