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Gothic Hall

Practical details:
NUTS 2: UKL1 West Wales and The Valleys
Start date: 01.01.1997
Type of initiative:  private
Description of the practice:

The Hall at Abbey Cwm Hir is a good example of a house that has been restored back to it's Gothic splendour. The Hall is a good example of how heritage can be protected and shared. Their business was recognised in 2011 by being awarded the leadership award in the Powys Business Awards. In 2010 they were awarded the small business award.

The house is designated as a listed building which means that it is recognised as an importnant building. This designation creates limitations on how the builidng can be altered the types of materials used for repair and renovation and its use. However, having such a designation can sometimes provide access to grants to help with physical building works becasue of the higher cost of traditional materials.

The Hall at Abbey-Cwm-Hir is Grade II listed amd one of Wales' finest example of Victorian Gothic Revival architecture, situated in 12 acres of Victorian gardens. In 1997 the Hall was restored back to its Gothic splendour. All 52 rooms have been renovated to create a marriage of style and beauty accenting their original features. The Hall is managed by a team of volunteers made up of family members and local neighbours who are interested in the keeping the heritage alive.
This family home acts as a living museum where visitors can marvel at the many collections collected by the family throughout the years. This beautiful house is an example of how our heritage can be protected and shared whilst remaining in private ownership.

Evidence of success
Biological/biodiversity values:

The gradens of the hall have also been restored allowing visotors to learn and enjoy. The gradens include a mixture of woodland in addition to flower beds and a lake and waterfall.

Visual impact and recreational value:

The Hall at Abbey Cwm Hir is situated in 1.5 of gardens, creating a peacefull and beautiful place to visit all year round.

Cultural heritage:

The hall acts as a living meuseum where visitors can marvel at the many collections collected by the family throughoyt the years. In addition admire the Gothic architecture of the Hall.

Environmental impact:

During the refurbishment phase of the Hall local contarctors were used in addition to local crafts men therefore keeping their carbon footprint low.

Economic viability:

The business supports family members and several local people acting as guides. Local businesses benefit from amintanance work and as there are more than 20,000 visitors a year there is considerable benefit to other visitor attractions locally.

Yes, the practise is transferable to other buildings in Europe, where buildings of importnace even if they are privatly owend like Abbey Cwm Hir can generate money to the family whilst people engage with the heritage.

Contact details:
Organisation: The Hall at Abbey Cwm Hir
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Completed on: 2012.12.11
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