Perugia Province
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Perugia Province


Provincia di Perugia is a local authority (NUTS3), an intermediate level between the municipalities and the region (the Umbria Region). It represents the community of approximately 670,000 inhabitants, protects its interests and promotes and coordinates economic, social, civil and cultural development. It aims at achieving a sustainable balance in the structure of its territory taking into account the environmental quality as well as life quality. The Provincia di Perugia – among other issues - is in charge of entrepreneurship and environmental matters within the province. It promotes and supports initiatives and projects regarding sustainable development in vast wide areas of inter-provincial territory. It is directly in charge of management and coordination of areas with particular environmental interest, it promotes and enhances Regional Natural Protected Areas within its territory, participates in Agreements involving other authorities, companies, NGOs in order to mediate and solve environmental-related conflicts in its territory.

The Provincia di Perugia embraces park areas and protected territories (“oasis”) in a social-economical context like that of Umbria, whose economy is based mainly on small and medium-sized firms operating in sectors of handicrafts, tourism and agriculture. In this region, natural environment has always been a fundamental resource for the local economy. The experience of Provincia di Perugia has been gathered in a territorial context which has proved to be able to combine protection and respect of the environment and its specific features (such as protected humid areas) with a sustainable utilization of natural resources offered by the territory.


Till June 2011 there was one more region participating in the project – Veliko Tarnovo Municipality from Bulgaria.

International Year of Biodiversity 2010


The Interregional Cooperation Programme INTERREG IVC, financed by the European Union’s Regional Development Fund, helps Regions of Europe work together to share experience and good practice in the areas of innovation, the knowledge economy, the environment and risk prevention. EUR 302 million is available for project funding but, more than that, a wealth of knowledge and potential solutions are also on hand for regional policy-makers.