Regional Committee for Tourism Development of Auvergne
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Regional Committee for Tourism Development of Auvergne

The Regional Committee for Tourism Development of Auvergne (RCTDA) is a regional tourism development agency - operating on NUTS 2 level -, established and mainly financed by the Regional Council of Auvergne. Created in 1943 under the name of Regional Committee for Tourism, its missions are defined in the French law:
- promoting Auvergne tourism at the national and international level
- organising regional tourism training plan dedicated to tourist actors
- creating the regional tourism development strategy of the Regional Council of Auvergne and the public policies dedicated to tourism.

In year 2005, RCTDA created the Regional Scheme for Tourism Development of Auvergne, which is the five years tourism development policy of the Regional Council of Auvergne. All year long, the RCTDA analyses tourism sector evolution and proposes to the Regional Council solutions to adapt the regional policies to the economic reality.

In the past, RCTDA developed various approaches and public policies in the field of economic development in rural areas and sustainable development (such as “Eco-guide" publication). But these strategies did not sufficiently answer the specific problematic balance between economic development and protection of vulnerable natural areas. Auvergne region faces troubles due to bad practices of SME’s in the numerous natural parts of this very green region. But the economic and demographic weakness of Auvergne commands to find ways to encourage SME’s creation while orienting their development in environment friendly ways.

Till June 2011 there was one more region participating in the project – Veliko Tarnovo Municipality from Bulgaria.

International Year of Biodiversity 2010


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